About Us

Regardless of where you end up in life, you always find your self thinking about that place where you came from. The place where you grew up. The first place you ever fell in love with. The place you are most proud to tell others you are from and most importantly the place you call home.

We at The XXXVI Apparel Company fully get it. We created our shirts to help you show off your love and patriotism in a unique and fashion forward way. It also doesn’t hurt that our shirts are made from ultra premium fabric and are extremely soft and comfortable!

Humble Beginnings

My business partner and I grew up on a small Caribbean Island called Nevis before we both moved to the USA. During conversations we would often find ourselves reminiscing about the great food, our friends, the good times and I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but we also talked a lot about the great food. 

Missing home was a main inspiration in the development of our shirts and we used our logo to pay homage to Nevis and all of it’s 36 square miles by using XXXVI which represents 36 in Roman Numerals. 



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